ESPN’s Matt Barrie Hits Dan Orlovsky With A Brutal Burn After Orlovsky’s Internet Cuts Out Mid-Segment

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Dan Orlovsky is a popular figure among ESPN viewers and colleagues. The former NFL quarterback has formed a fantastic team with Mina Kimes, Marcus Spears, Keyshawn Johnson and host Laura Rutledge on NFL Live.

But Orlovsky has been a bit of a punching bag for football fans this offseason. Particularly after he released his list of the top-five NFL quarterbacks under the age of 25 a few weeks back. Orlovsky got hammered by fans on Twitter for the list. Though that still probably won’t sting as much as the burn he received from ESPN co-worker Matt Barrie on Tuesday.

Barrie and Jay Harris were co-hosting an episode of SportsCenter and had Orlovsky on to discuss a pair of quarters. Harris asked Orlovsky whether Zach Wilson of the New York Jets or Daniel Jones of the New York Giants would have a better year in 2022.

The camera cut to Orlovsky, who was video calling in. And then this happened.

Troubles with Orlovsky’s internet connection left him as still as a statue. Harris seemed confused at first, asking whether he was frozen or just pondering the question. That’s when Barrie came in with an absolutely brutal burn.

“Dan are you thinking or are you frozen,” Harris said. Before Barrie chimed in and said “there’s no chance he’s pondering that well. He’s not that deep of thinker,”


The segment eventual cut away from Orlovsky, but viewers absolutely loved the jab from Barrie.

To Orlovsky’s credit, he seemed to take the whole thing in stride, sharing the video on his Twitter account. Even so, he may want to consider some aloe vera for those burns.