ESPN’s “Mad Dog” Russo Is Getting Torched For His Unreal Ranking Of College Football’s Most Storied Programs

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With Stephen A. Smith temporarily off the air at ESPN while he rehabs a shoulder injury, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo has stolen the show.

Just last week, Russo got absolutely torn to shreds by fill-in host Domonique Foxworth over a discussion involving Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant.

The famed New York radio host is up to his old tricks again on First Take. But co-hosts Ryan Clark and David Pollack could barely believe what they were hearing this time around.

Russo, Clark and Pollack were discussing the most-storied college football programs of all-time. Russo’s list, however, left both Clark and Pollack as well as the rest of the college football world in awe.

The list begins innocuously enough. Russo puts powerhouse programs Oklahoma and USC at Nos. 5 and 4 respectively. But then things go off the rails. Checking it at No. 3 was Alabama, which had Clark truly baffled. Michigan checked in at No. 2, right above the Crimson Tide. But what left Clark and Pollack speechless was Notre Dame at number one.

The Fighting Irish are undoubtedly storied, but they’ve won three fewer national championships than Alabama and haven’t won one since 1988. The Wolverines last one a natty in 1997, but their nine national titles are seven fewer than Alabama’s 16.

While most-storied doesn’t always mean most successful, Russo’s list drew a lot of heat. Including some from Stephen A. Smith himself.

Mad Dog Russo has the keys to the car over at ESPN until Stephen A. Smith returns to the set. And by the looks of this list, that car is a Ford Model T.