ESPN’s Ryan Clark Is Beefing With NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt Over Jeff Saturday Criticism

We have some NFL media beef on our hands.

On Tuesday, NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt blasted the Colts for hiring Jeff Saturday as their interim head coach and questioned whether ESPN could stay unbiased while covering the Saturday hiring, considering he worked for the network.

“What do you say here? Because he’s a high school coach and he was on ESPN and screaming on Get Up? It’s an interesting media thing, too,” Brandt said. “Because this is an ESPN employee, and I’d be fascinated to hear if anybody on ESPN has something critical to say about Jeff Saturday in this case. Or is it just ‘Oh, we’re happy for Jeff’? If I’m the Colts, I’m embarrassed yesterday.”

ESPN’s Ryan Clark took offense to Brandt’s comments and fired back on social media.

It is worth noting that Clark also criticized the Colts for hiring Saturday over qualified black assistant coaches in the league.

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