ESPN Releases Statement Standing By Skip Bayless Calling Johnny Manziel An Alcoholic

Last week, professional gasbag, Skip Bayless, went on record, while on ESPN’s First Take, saying he thinks Johnny Manziel “has a problem with alcohol” and needs to “get some help.” After being prodded juuuuuuust a touch more by Stephen A Smith, Bayless went further and confirmed that he thinks Manziel is an alcoholic and a liar.

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This week, in a statement sent to, a ESPN spokesman defended Bayless’ claims.

“When discussing the widely reported public behavior, Skip based his comments on information he has from sources within and around the Browns’ organization with knowledge of Manziel’s continued pattern of behavior, as well as Skip’s personal family experiences with alcoholism.”

Not sure if any of that technically makes Bayless qualified to conclude that someone has a problem with alcohol, but we don’t know what Bayless is technically qualified to conclude do in general. So okay.