Todd McShay Explains That He Couldn’t Bring Himself To Watch The NFL Draft While Recovering In The Hospital: ‘I Felt Like I Was Letting Everyone Down’

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Getty Image / David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire

There was a familiar face missing from ESPN’s 2020 NFL Draft coverage in April as Todd McShay was not a part of the broadcast due to the fact that he was recovering from the virus. The 43-year-old broke the news about missing the draft on Twitter ahead of the first round.

McShay has since fully recovered and joined Adam Schefter’s podcast on Wednesday to give a bit of a personal update and also discuss just how difficult it was for him to not be able to attend the draft.

“It got really dark in the hospital,” McShay explained. “I knew the draft was going on and I couldn’t watch it. I didn’t watch the draft until Saturday night. I woke up late that night and there was a re-air and I started watching it then because I knew it was over. For whatever reason, I couldn’t watch the draft knowing that I wasn’t a part of it, wasn’t on it, and I felt like I was letting everyone down.”

It had to be extremely difficult for McShay to be alone in the hospital and while missing the draft was one thing, he made it clear that the loneliness without his family there was brutal.

“I’m gonna run down and probably plow over people in front of me and pick (his kids) up at same time if I can do it,” McShay said according to USA Today. “I’m gonna squeeze those kids so hard when I see them. Hug my wife (Lauren) and hold on tight. …. I had two physical pictures of my children (in the hospital). One of my daughter and one of my son. When I’d wake up in a dark place, I’d look at them and it’d inspire me to keep going and keep fighting.”

After being forced to take a year off from the draft, McShay is going to take things to the next level for the 2021 NFL Draft, which should be fantastic.