ESPN’s Britt McHenry Has A History Of Berating People On Twitter

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry was involved in some controversy today when a video of her verbally berating a woman became public. McHenry was suspended from ESPN a week As it turns out, this isn’t the first time McHenry has bullied someone. Just last month she bullied another woman on Twitter.

Sarah Sparkman, also known as “Cupcakes Are Nice” was having a conversation on Twitter about the sexualization of women in sports broadcasting . Sparkman took issue with female journalists being branded more as sex objects than for their journalistic talents.

Sparkman says McHenry’s name came up in the conversation but she was never tagged in it.

McHenry somehow found out about the conversation and decided to chime in.

And it doesn’t end there. Sparkman showed her frustration after she felt McHenry had entered the conversation out of nowhere, only to get insulted once again.

If those insults sound familiar, they’re pretty much the same insults McHenry threw at the tow truck earlier today. She’s basically telling people I’m better than you, because I work at ESPN.

Of course, there was another incident involving McHenry and Twitter user @lizzs_lockeroom in November.

At the time, McHenry was under fire after she misreported that RG3 had alienated the Redskins’ locker room.

It seems like @lizzs_lockeroom mentioned something about McHenry’s “RG3 alienation” story on her feed, which led to McHenry to start to berate her.

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