ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan Under Fire For Saying Kyrie Irving Is An NBA Owner’s ‘Property’ Because They Pay Him Millions

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Kyrie Irving’s mysterious absence from the Brooklyn Nets has been a hot topic of conversation in NBA circles but Jackie MacMullan’s take on the situation may have gone too far.

Earlier this week it was reported that Kyrie had decided to take some time off because he was upset over “everything that is going in this country’ following the US Capitol riot.

While talking about the Irving situation on Ryen Russillo’s podcast, MacMullan told a story about the time she once got into an argument with Kyrie about the NBA draft. During the argument, Kyrie told her that players should go to whichever team they wanted because “we’re not someone’s property” to which he responded by saying “yeah, you are dude that’s the way it works, that’s why you get paid millions of dollars.”

MacMullan’s comments didn’t sit too well with NBA fans who felt she was being racially insensitive.

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