ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Walks Off The Set After Blasting Black NBA Players For Not Speaking Out Against Brad Stevens’ Promotion By Celtics

Stephen A Smith

  • Celtics head coach Brad Stevens was promoted to president of basketball operations after Danny Ainge stepped down on Wednesday morning
  • ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith blasted NBA players for not speaking out against the Stevens’ promotion in favor of a black executive
  • A “pissed” Stephen A. Smith walked off the set after his fiery rant
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ESPN’s Stephen A Smith is not happy with the Celtics’ recent front office moves.

On Wednesday morning, the NBA world was shaken up when it was revealed Celtics’ longtime executive Danny Ainge was stepping down and that head coach Brad Stevens was replacing him as the team’s president of basketball operations.

Smith, who has been critical of the NBA’s hiring process in the past, blasted players for not speaking out against Stevens being promoted by the Celtics. Smith specifically called out Celtics’ stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown for their roles in being social justice warriors but not advocating for a black executive for the team.

“We got Brad Stevens here, it’s Boston…Tatum’s your star, Jaylen Brown’s your star, we understand what role that they play, particularly Jaylen Brown in soccial justice issues, we supposed to be woke, we’re supposed to understand that knee of George Floyd’s neck wasn’t just about violence or police brutality it was also the figurative semblance that it provided we’re you’re feeling that constantly people have their knee on your neck since the time you come out of the womb”

Smith was so angry with NBA players after Stevens’ promotion that he walked off the set after stating he was “pissed” and didn’t want to say something that would get him in trouble.

“NBA players are some of the most powerful people in this world…when have they spoken out for black coaches? When have the spoken up for black executives, GM’s, president of basketball operations? When has that happened? LeBron? All of them, everybody. Where the hell have they been? Nobody has done anything.

“When are we going to say something about it? You know what I’m going to walk away, I’ll be right back because I’m scared that I’m going to say something that’s going to me in trouble.”