Ex-UFC Star Rachael Ostovich’s Cowgirl Bathing Suit Outfit Goes Viral

Rachael Ostovich ufc star getting hands wrapped

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Former UFC star Rachael Ostovich appears to be done with fighting and is embracing life as a model.

In the summer of 2021, Ostovich last fought against follower former UFC star/ social media influencer Paige VanZant in a bare-knuckle match.

After winning the match, Ostovich said she was leaning towards  fighting in bare-knuckle again.

“Bare knuckle, totally different sport. Honestly when you get in there, it’s fun,” Ostovich said. “I was having fun. I was talking. I was bout it. I was down. It was great.

“It’s definitely up to my manager. I can say yeah [I’ll fight bare-knuckle again] all I want up there but when it comes down to it, it’s got to be on the paper and I’m sure they’ll have a good talk after this.”

Ostovich has yet to return to the ring but is making waves on social media while promoting her premium subscription site.

Over the weekend, Ostovich went viral when she shared a cowgirl bathing suit photo that caught the attention of MMA fans.

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