ESPN Reporter Shares Shocking Screenshot From The Anti-Semitic Movie Kyrie Irving Promoted That Celebrates A Fake Quote From ‘Adolph Hitler’

ESPN's Pablo Torrre Shares Shocking Details From 'Hebrews to Negroes'

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ESPN reporter and personality Pablo Torre, in preparation for his social media show Debatable, watched parts of the movie that Kyrie Irving promoted on his Twitter account (titled “Hebrews to Negroes”) and shared a shocking screenshot that sees the film idealizing a quote from Adolf Hitler.

ESPN’s Pablo Torre shares shocking details from the Hebrews to Negroes movie that Kyrie Irving promoted

As Torre points out, though — just to further highlight the stupidity of the “film” — the movie spells his name as “Adolph.”

In addition to a screenshot from the film, Torre also researched the book of the same title, which was written by the same person. In the book, the author claims that the six million Jewish people that were killed during the Holocaust is “one of five major falsehoods” and is a result of “the Jewish controlled media.”

Torre’s reporting is a necessary addition to the recent Kyrie Irving discourse as it highlights just how disgustingly anti-Semitic the content that he’s promoting truly is.

Despite the resounding outrage to his actions, Irving isn’t showing any signs of backing down as he told ESPN’s Nick Friedell that he’s “not gonna stand down” and that he’ll only get “stronger and stronger” because he has a “whole army around him.”

Irving and his arrogance certainly isn’t making life easy for his employers, the Brooklyn Nets, as he’s not only spewing anti-Semitism off-the-court but has tanked his on-the-court value to new lows, making it virtually impossible for the Nets to get rid of him unless they cut him.

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