Klay Thompson Lookalike Claims To Have Been Banned From The Chase Center After A Wild Attempt To Become Part Of The Team

  • Golden State Warriors’ fan Dawson Gurley is famous for his uncanny resemblance to Klay Thompson
  • Prior to NBA Finals, Gurley attempted to take the gimmick to a new level, sneaking through security and onto the court for shootaround
  • The YouTuber claims to have had his $10,000 tickets for NBA Finals Game 5 revoked and has allegedly been banned from the Chase Center.

Monday was a pretty good day for Klay Thompson, pictured above.

The Golden State Warriors’ superstar scored 21 points in the Game 5 of the NBA Finals to help lead the Dubs to a 104-94 win over the Boston Celtics. The victory put Golden State ahead 3-2 in the series.

It was apparently not as good a day for Dawson Gurley, better known to the sporting world as Fake Klay. Gurley bears a striking resemblance to Thompson, but for a few extra pounds, and has made his name impersonating the five-time NBA all-star.

But he may have taken the gimmick a bit too far on Monday.

Fake Klay Thompson Banned From The Chase Center

According to Gurley, he walked straight past many levels of Chase Center security, through metal detectors, and onto the court for shootaround on Monday evening. When the team eventually realized it wasn’t Thompson, Gurley was kicked out of the arena and banned from returning. All this despite having $10,000 tickets to Game 5.

Now there are a couple things that are important to note here. The first of which is that the Warriors have yet to issue an official statement on Gurley’s allegations. The second is that Gurley runs a YouTube page under the name BigDawsTV, so it’s definitely possible this was all a calculated stunt. It’s also possible that it never actually happened.

But if it did, Twitter users won’t be happy with the Warriors.


There were also a number of people who felt the Warriors did the right things.

As long as the real Klay Thompson is available going forward, Golden State should be okay.