Fans Are Mocking Great Britain’s World Baseball Classic Uniforms

A pitcher winds up for the Great Britain baseball team at the WBC.

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Fans are reacting to the design of the Great Britain team’s uniforms worn at the World Baseball Classic. Images of the jerseys are now going viral on social media.

The response comes following the squad’s recent meeting with Team USA.

On Saturday, the United States and Great Britain matched up in the Pool C bracket of play. Britain took an early lead by plating a run in the top of the first inning, but it was all US after that.

All-star third baseman Nolan Arenado tied things up with a double in the third inning which allowed Paul Goldschmidt to cross the plate. Cole Tucker then gave the USA a lead later in the frame with a single to knock Arenado in.

Slugger Kyle Schwarber broke things open in the fourth inning with a three-run homer to give his team a 5-1 lead. The two teams would trade runs later in the game before the US left with a 6-2 victory.

While the win gave the USA momentum in the tournament, it was something else that had fans talking after the game.

Great Britain’s uniforms caught the attention of viewers, who quickly clowned the design on the front of the jersey. Take a look at the immediate reaction on social media.

Some said it looked like a font found in an old Microsoft Word document.

The design is simple, to say the least.

Maybe we’ll see this design sneak over into the MLB…

At least they put a bit more thought into their celebrations.

Great Britain will try to regain its dignity following an opening day loss and the online trolling.