Lions Roasted To Oblivion For New Alternate Helmet Design

Lions helmet

Getty Image / Mark Cunningham

The NFL recently gave the green light for teams to utilize an alternate helmet, allowing for some franchise’s to use some of their awesome throwback designs.

However, some teams are opting for a different, unique approach to stay with current trends.

That seems to be the decision the Detroit Lions made for their alternate helmets, as they finally unveiled the new design. Unfortunately, it’s not being received well by the public.

Adam Schefter shared the new design and, well, it kind of looks like an Arena Football team helmet.

Look, it’s cool they used an old school team logo, but this entire design really just falls flat.

The Lions clearly attempted to symbolize the city of Detroit within the alternate helmet design, as Schefter also shares a graphic explaining certain aspects of the design.

At the very least, Lions fans seem excited about it after the franchise dropped a hype video unveiling the helmet. But outside of Detroit, not many are enjoying it.

Hey, if Lions fans like it, more power to them. But it appears the other NFL fans just are not on board.


If only that were true.

If the Lions got Mufasa on the alternate helmet that would’ve been amazing. But something tells me Disney would not let that fly.

I can see the similarities.

Detroit does make it clear they’ll wear the helmet with the grey uniforms, so, maybe that will look good. But, the helmet by itself is definitely up for debate.

With that said, I look forward to seeing the other alternate helmets other teams will come up with. At the very least, I’m just glad the NFL is allowing for a little more fun.