Shannon Sharpe Departing ‘Undisputed’ Causes Fans To Roast Skip Bayless

Shannon Sharpe

Getty Image / Allen Berezovsky

Shannon Sharpe rocked the sporting world on Wednesday night after it was announced he’s leaving Undisputed after a contract buyout.

The Hall of Fame tight end turned sports analyst is likely to get a media job somewhere, as he’s become a fan favorite over the years.

Even so, it leaves Undisputed in an awkward position, as they’re now left with Skip Bayless as the lone host.

Many point out that Bayless and Sharpe were butting heads, especially throughout the early portion of 2023.

In the aftermath, sports fans can’t help but congratulate Shannon Sharpe for his decision while many are also roasting Skip Bayless.

Leaving Skip Bayless might be the best career move for Shannon Sharpe.

Bayless has really rubbed people the wrong way lately.

Some fans think it’s time for Bayless to call it a career while others believe he’ll stay.

Meanwhile, some people saw this coming a mile away.

Leaving sooner may not have been an option. But it makes sense now that Sharpe has a following of his own.

We’ll see what Shannon Sharpe does next with his career and whether or not Skip Bayless keeps going.

The Hall of Fame tight end will remain with Undisputed until after the conclusion of the NBA Finals.

In the meantime, Fox Sports 1 will have decisions to make regarding the show.