Guy Offers His Spouse As Part Of Fantasy Football Trade For Christian McCaffrey, Internet Loses Its Mind

Christian McCaffrey running back

Getty Image / Michael Zagaris

High-stakes fantasy football can come in many forms and it can cause people to do crazy things. One player’s trade request has gone viral after he offered up his spouse in exchange for Christian McCaffrey. Is it legit? We’ll soon see.

I was in a league years ago with a ‘Fly Rule’ where the loser of the Toilet Bowl had to get on a plane with a 1-way ticket and go complete a mission set forth by the commish. One of the guys had to spend the night in a haunted clown motel outside of Death Valley. This is just one example of how high the stakes can get in Fantasy Football, another example is this trade where a guy attempting to get Christian McCaffrey (CMC) said the person who had CMC could sleep with his wife because he didn’t have any players on his roster worth trading for.

The Fantasy Football trade proposal went viral on Reddit from user ‘Simple_Ad6433‘. He wrote:

Guy in my league is 3-5 and desperate to turn his team around, and needs more consistency with RB. He sent me a text saying he wants CMC, but theres not really anyone on his team I want (I am currently 7-1 so I dont need to make any changes really).

He said I could bang his wife one time if I accept the trade and it goes through. Honestly, its pretty tempting since she has huge t— and I’ve always fantasized about her. Is it worth throwing my chances to win the ship out the window for a chance to bang his wife?

Asked for details on the league, OP wrote “It’s $350 buy-in in 12 PPR. 1st place gets 90% of pot. And honestly she’s a dime…. It’s a once in a lifetime chance for me.” This means first place gets $3,780. Which could be a lot or a little, it’s entirely a matter of perspective.

First off, there’s no proof any of this is real. It’s the Internet and someone could be just making it all up for fun.

Secondly, if it is legit then chances are the wife is already interested in this man. Nobody is going to offer up their spouse (in earnest) without talking it over and the signs here indicate there’s interest with or without the trade.

The comments on Reddit seem to support my latter statement. One person wrote “If he is putting this out there, then maybe his wife is just down to —- you. Ask her and maybe you can bang her and keep CMC.”

Somehow, the third most upvoted comment (and not the first) is “Yes, 100% worth it.” You have to scroll halfway down the page for someone explicitly saying ‘yes, this is a good Fantasy Football trade offer.’

Christian McCaffrey leads all Fantasy Football players in points this season with 225.80 (in my league) and 9 points more than Josh Allen.

Would you take the chance at $3,780 with Christian McCaffrey on your roster or would you accept the trade? Let us know in the Facebook or Twitter/X comments.