Watch a Fat Dude Throw a Tremendous Fit Over CM Punk’s Loss

Not surprisingly, Punk pinned The Rock for the win. But then Vince McMahon, who is a dick, strutted out and ordered the match to restart. Which resulted in The Rock winning on a People's Elbow. And caused the scene in the video above.

Our tubby friend makes some solid points in the middle of his screaming, replica-belt-throwing, stack of Blu-Rays-kicking freakout. The Rock is probably there to just promote his movies, and it really isn't cool that they threw away 400 days of Punk dominance for The Rock to stretch this promotion into Wrestlemania.

Then again, the movie The Rock is promoting is “Pain & Gain,” my No. 2 most anticipated movie of 2013 (beside “Spring Breakers,” of course). And, most importantly, this husky guy is freaking out over wrestling. Bottle up those feelings, bro. Keep 'em inside.

[H/T: Buzzfeed Sports]