Fights Keep Breaking Out At Joint Practice Between The Broncos And Cowboys

Fights Keep Breaking Out Between The Broncos & Cowboys

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The NFL continues to hold joint practices across the league. Sometimes these are beneficial and fun to watch. But, other times they are full of fights between the opposing teams.

On Thursday, we saw the Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys hold a joint practice in Colorado, with their preseason game against each other scheduled for Sunday evening in Denver.

However, things got a bit out of hand as the two teams got into a bit of a scuffle.

Shortly after, another fight broke out at camp between these two teams.

Bradley Chubb also trucked Ezekiel Elliott, and maybe the Cowboys weren’t too thrilled with the aggressiveness of this hit.

Things are getting out of hand quickly between the two teams, and yet, practice is still going on.

If tensions continue to boil over, then things could really get out of hand for Sunday’s preseason tilt between the two sides.

Oh, let’s not forget that former Cowboys LB Randy Gregory is wearing a Broncos uniform now, so there has been extra jawing all around.

Get your popcorn ready for Sunday’s game between these teams, although it’s unlikely that many starters actually see playing time.