FIU Women’s Hoops Coach Suspended For Sexually Pursuing One Of His Players

Florida International women’s hoops coach Marlin Chinn has been suspended for sexually pursuing one of his players and actually giving her a $600 loan, hoping to have her payback the debt “in other ways,” according to the victim.

Chinn, who is in his first season at the helm of FIU and has limped to a 4-23 record so far, is under investigation for coming onto Destini Feagin, the captain of the women’s team. Feagin told The Miami Herald that she was suspended for four games because she turned down her head coach’s advances, although she was officially listed as violating team rules.

Here are more details from Feagin, per ESPN:

Feagin told the newspaper that she filed a complaint with the NCAA and that she is aware that accepting the $600 loan from Chinn could be a violation that jeopardizes her remaining eligibility.

“The day after I received the money, he called me,” Feagin told the newspaper. “I said, ‘Coach, how could I ever repay you?’ I was thankful, showing gratitude, humbleness. I really appreciated that. He said, ‘You will pay me back. In other ways.’ He said that six times. It’s vivid in my head.”

Feagin also told the newspaper that Chinn would comment on her physical appearance and that he “would go into detail what his sexual thoughts were.”

The school has yet to announce its interim coach, but this incident, plus Chinn’s bad record in his first season at FIU, doesn’t bode well for the head coach getting back on the sidelines anytime soon, if ever.


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