Five-Star Recruit Commits To USC With EPIC Music Video Set To Mac Miller Song

Honestly, this is how you commit to a school. Making an announcement at some dumb press conference on ESPN is lame and has been done 1000-times. Instead of going the usual path of commitment day madness, 5-star recruit Iman Marshall teamed up with Bleacher Report to drop this dope as fuck music video set to Mac Miller’s “Best Day Ever.” Iman was torn between LSU, USC, UCLA, Michigan, Notre Dame and FSU, but ultimately made a decision to stay in his hometown of L.A. as a Trojan. Here’s the video he made his announcement with.

Honestly, I hope more big name four and five star recruits do this with their announcements in the coming years. It’s flashy, sure, but what the hell isn’t these days? The old way of committing to a college team is dead.

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