Is This The Greatest Front Flip At Home Plate To Score In Kickball Of All-Time?

Kickball highlights are very far and few between, but today is your lucky day if you are an enthusiast of the official sport of 5th graders. That is because we have one of the greatest kickball highlights of all-time. Andrew “Gumby” Moise and his tremendous front flip into home plate and over the catcher to avoid being pegged out was noteworthy to say the least.

The YouTube description:

Bottom of the 5th and final inning, team BROLA in blue was up 3-0 over team 2 Reggae 2 Fleek, the player at 2nd was Andrew “Gumby” Moise. With an incredible front flip to dodge the ball he lands safe at home to score the run.

We should have more kickball highlights.



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