Florida Gators Release The Best Pre-Game Hype Video Of The College Football Season

Florida Releases Best Pre-Game Video Of The College Football Season

Getty Image / James Gilbert

The Florida Gators are coming off a big win over Texas A&M as they aim to keep their two-game wins streak alive. However, the program has people buzzing right now after they released a sick drone video. It’s so awesome, it might just be the sickest thing you’ll see this college football season.

Florida Shows Off Amazing Drone Video In Pre-Game Ritual

The Gators’ official Twitter account shared the footage for the first time on Wednesday. It’s a great way to experience The Swamp without being in attendance. Whoever was controlling the drone was simply on point, as this video will have college football fans everywhere pumped up.

Although the Florida Gators have had an up-and-down season this year, it’s hard not to be impressed by this video. The unique camera angles, along with how close to the action it is, it’s like you’re there. This is definitely a great way for the Gators to show off The Swamp to the rest of the nation. It was so awesome, that many are giving the school props for it.

Whoever controlled that drone is the master of drone flying.

Maybe this clip will give the Florida Gators the hype they need to save the season. They have a tough matchup against the South Carolina Gamecocks coming up. A win will give the Gators a nice 6-4 record they can build upon moving forward.