A High School Running Back Was Asked Nicely to Remove Knife From Pants During Game

Trevante Taylor, 18, is accused of having a small pocket knife in the waistband of his pants during the game, according to Kevin Christian, Marion County Public Schools spokesman.

Taylor, who plays running back and linebacker for the Lake Weir Hurricanes, was arrested after another student saw the pocket knife and reported it to officials. A Marion County Sheriff’s deputy then confronted Taylor with the accusation that he had a weapon, according to sheriff’s office reports.

Taylor denied he had a knife, but the deputy reported the knife was in plain sight in Taylor’s waistband, according to reports.

Awesome denial, Bro. Should have gone with the old “just holding it for my friend” alibi.

The dumbass reason Taylor was toting a knife perilously close to his genitals is unknown, even to him.

To add insult to stupidity, his team lost 29-0.

[H/T: Ocala dotcom]