College Football Fans Don’t Know What To Think Of Very Weird Florida State Cheerleaders Video

florida state seminoles football cheerleaders

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Florida State football, after a very rough six year patch, appears to finally be back. A 10-3 season (5-3 in the ACC), culminating with a win at the Cheez-It Bowl, has Seminoles fans feeling a lot better about the football program under head coach Mike Norvell.

Unfortunately, all of those good feelings just got shot in the arse with a cringe-inducing, what in the actual hell is going on here video that the Florida State cheerleaders recently released online.

For those that are unfamiliar, the young man who appears in the video is named Madden San Miguel from Dallas. He goes by the nickname “Baby Gronk” and calls himself a “FOOTBALL CELEBRITY” on social media.

And he’s not wrong… he is kind of a football celebrity.

As a 9-year-old, Madden San Miguel had already signed $50,000 worth of brand deals.

Last year, he was even featured in a profile by Bay News 9 in Tampa when he came to town to play for an 8-U National Flag Football Championship.

Jake had a blueprint for his son before he was even born. Jake said ” I was talking about how I was gonna train him , how I was gonna discipline him, how I was gonna build character, how I was gonna build work ethic.

What he build was an Internet Superstar, people couldn’t get enough of the kid known as Baby Gronk who would tower over kids his age and go out and dominate them on the football field.

Jake says a lot of people may think that he is living thru Madden, but what he is trying to do is give his son a better life.

He’s taken unofficial recruiting trips to places like the University of Florida and University of Texas and “committed” to play football at the University of Oregon when he was in second grade.

Recently, Baby Gronk took a trip to Tallahassee.

While he was there he got to meet several of the Florida State cheerleaders, who then proceeded to make that aforementioned WTFlorida video.

College football fans didn’t really know how to react to… that.

Other responses included “holy cringe,” “Wtf is this crap,” “This is weird,” “excruciating watch,” and “As if I didn’t already need a reason to hate FSU.”