Here’s Proof The Entire Country Hates Florida State

You’re not going to believe this, but people from around the country posted angry messages in the wake of Saturday night’s big Notre Dame-Florida State game. I know, I know … it’s hard to believe that a controversial call in the biggest college football tilt of the game elicited online comments.

But I can prove that it did, thanks to this trolly video celebrating (well, not so much celebrating … more like jabbing a cocky finger into the internet’s ribs) the Seminoles’ referee-aided win.

Set to Gary Jules’ haunting Mad World, this piece of cinema juxtaposes images of the controversial pass interference call with angry vitriol from a select group of fan bases.

And there you have it.

Look, Florida State is a hell of a team and they showed their championship mettle by once again bouncing back from self-made adversity. The offensive pass interference ruling to decide the game was properly made. I don’t think a lot of sane people were arguing otherwise after being able to sleep on it. Cooler heads usually prevail in the morning.

But I have a message for you FSU fans, the ever sensible group that you are:

Humble pie. HUMBLE PIE!