Floyd Mayweather Jr. Helping Displaced Hawaiian Families Get Back On Their Feet After Wildfire Devastation

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Getty Image / Allen Berezovsky

The official death toll has risen to 55 after devastating wildfires ripped across Maui, fueled by winds from Hurricane Dora, causing unimaginable loss to entire communities. Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is now stepping up to help 70 displaced families fly to safety where they’ll be provided with food, clothes, and a place to stay.

According to TMZ, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr. is helping over 100 locals whose lives were tragically upended in the middle of the night.

The report says Mayweather has flown over 100 displaced individuals from Maui to Honolulu since the devastating wildfires forced people into the ocean in the middle of the night. Mayweather is reportedly working with H&M to provide clothing to the individuals who lost everything in an instant.

The devastation in Maui is one of the worst natural disasters in American history. Virtually all of the historic town of Lahaina went up in flames. People’s homes containing lifetimes of memories were burned in an instant and the death toll continues to rise.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the proud owner of a Gulfstream G650 jet and a second jet for his entourage. The Gulfstream G650 has a capacity of up to 19 passengers.

It’s unclear if Floyd is using his own private jet to fly displaced Hawaiians from Maui to Honolulu or if he’s chartered another jet or is using a larger plane. Whatever the case may be, in the face of unimaginable tragedy it’s comforting to see individuals like Floyd Mayweather Jr. step up to help those in need.