Football Fans React To The New York Giants Hiring Brian Daboll To Be Their New Head Coach


Getty Image / Timothy T Ludwig

  • The New York Giants have found their new head coach
  • Today it was revealed that Brian Daboll would take over as the team’s head coach
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It’s official. The New York Giants have found their new head coach. They are hiring Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll for the job.

It’s a move that was expected when the Giants brought Joe Schoen over from the Bills, but now that it’s official, fans can begin contemplating what the moves means for this franchise.

Fan reaction to the Daboll signing has been a bit all over the place. There are some that are thrilled with the signing.

Others are not quite as sold on Daboll as the head coach of the Giants.

Some are just out here looking for laughs after the big signing.

One football reporter also shared a very interesting tidbit with the fans.

For the first time in a while, it feels like there is reason for hope in New York. The Giants have made it clear that they are sticking with Daniel Jones next season. if there’s anybody who can get the best out of him, it’s the guy who made Josh Allen an NFL star.

Brian Daboll seems like a great fit for this Giants team and if this move pans out, it might finally start to fix a broken franchise.