Former Miami Marlins President Takes Shot At Derek Jeter

MLB legend Derek Jeter

Getty Image / Mary DeCicco

A little more than a year ago, Derek Jeter decided to walk away from the Miami Marlins.

The move came after 4 years as the team’s CEO and a part-owner of the franchise.

One of the earliest moves he made during his tenure was to get rid of their president at the time, David Samson, who had been the team’s president back when the Marlins beat Jeter and the Yankees in the World Series in 2003.

Today, Samson appeared on a podcast and took a shot at Jeter.

“He assumed that he could get a bigger TV deal. He assumed he could get a big naming rights deal, that he’d get tons of season-ticket holders, that he would make the team a winning team. And after four years, I think he realized that being a shortstop and being an executive are two totally different things. … And I think he realized quickly that being a pitchman for Subway was probably going to be more up his alley than running the team every day and being accountable for that,” he said.

Derek Jeter’s tenure in charge of the Marlins was a pretty terrible few years for the franchise.

While in charge of the Marlins, Jeter traded away Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich, and JT Realmuto.

In the seasons where they were Jeter was trading away the team’s top stars, the team finished with less than 70 losses in 3 of the full seasons and made the playoffs just once.

Since he left, the Marlins began making moves to actually compete and are currently a game above .500 this season.

Sometimes being a Hall of Fame player just doesn’t translate to success in management.