Fox’s Joe Buck Gets Ripped To Shreds By Fans For Bizarrely Implying Donald Parham Was Shaking While Being Stretchered Off Because It’s Cold In LA

Joe Buck

  • Chargers tight end Donald Parham was shaking uncontrollably after being stretchered off the field with head/spine injury
  • Fox’s Joe Buck implied Parham could have been shaking because it’s cold in LA and fans blasted him for it.
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NFL fans weren’t happy with Joe Buck’s commentary during Donald Parham’s horrific injury.

During Thursday night’s Chiefs-Chargers game, Parham appeared to get knocked out cold after hitting the back of his head on the ground during an incompletion.

While being stretchered off the field, Parham’s arms were frighteningly shaking uncontrollably.

Later in the game, Fox play-by-play announcer Joe Buck implied that Parham’s arms could have been shaking because it was cold in Los Angeles on Thursday night.

“Last thing we would ever do is speculate about any injuries, especially that type, but when you see his arms shaking and his arms shaking on his way out, that’s the part that’s most unnerving, just add this, it is very cold by atleast Los Angeles standards down on the field, hopefully, that was the issue more than anything else.”

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