Fresno State’s Cezar Guerrero Sank Five Half-Court Shots In A Row

As you can see, Fresno State’s “Red and White” night was sparsely attended. The Bulldogs aren’t exactly a basketball powerhouse, so you can’t blame people for taking pass on the event. Those who did show were treated to a spectacular display of long-ranged shooting by Cezar Guerrero.

The junior guard sank a ridiculous five half-court shots in a row, a feat he could likely not replicate.

This talent, albeit quite impressive, does not translate well to an actual games. No coach in the world is going to even bother drawing up a play resulting in a 47-foot heave.

But let’s stop being negative. Guerrero likely has an oversized check in his future for nailing a bomb during halftime of an NBA game. This parlor trick may just be his ticket to the pros. An end-around ticket, but a ticket nonetheless.

[H/T: Bleacher Report]