Froggy Fresh Unleashes Diss Track On Cavs And LeBron While Celebrating Jimmy Butler

With the Chicago Bulls up 2-1 on Cleveland going into their Mother’s Day matchup, plus Kyrie Irving being banged up, Cavs fans are feeling a little scared right about now. The last thing they needed was to get hit with this Froggy Fresh dis track exactly when they’re so vulnerable.

The “Dunked On” rapper goes in hard on Cavs fans, reminding them how they burned LeBron’s jersey when he “left them like a hot girl in high school,” but were buying his jersey when he returned after his Miami Heat Frankenstein team wasn’t as good any more. “Give it three years, bet you if he doesn’t win then Cleveland gonna burn his jersey once again.”

What do you get when you win the NBA’s Most Improved Payer? Well if you’re Jimmy Butler you get your own rap song announcing to the world that he’s LeBron’s daddy. Froggy spits the hook in this hot fire banger, “I ain’t gonna lie, LeBron you is a baller, but Jimmy Butler is your father.”

And yes, Froggy goes after LeBron’s hairline.

The artist formerly known as Krispy Kreme is joined by his sidekick Money Maker Mike and Gator Jones, who are all rocking old school Bulls jerseys.

Let’s see if LeBron cries if he gets dunked on by Butler.