FS1’s Colin Cowherd Rips Into Broncos QB Drew Lock For Dancing During Games And Being A ‘Cool Guy’

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FS1 host Colin Cowherd isn’t a big fan of Denver Broncos QB Drew Lock and his antics.

Ever since he got into the league Lock has quickly become a fan favorite with his rapping and dancing on the sidelines.

On Sunday, Lock once again danced during a game after the team’s comeback win against the LA Chargers.

During his show on Tuesday, Cowherd, who has a long history of hating on players for having too much fun, ripped into Lock for dancing during games and trying to “too cool”.

I’m not into Drew Lock, all the cool dancing, win more games cub scout, if I have to see another one of these, I’ve seen about four times he’s done that, win games. You’re in a franchise with John Elway. John Elway’s shadow is better than you. There’s one quarterback who tries to act cool and it works, Aaron Rodgers, and when you’re that gifted I guess you get to be.

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