FS1 Host Joy Taylor’s Latest Bathing Suit Photo Goes Viral

Joy Taylor


FS1 host Joy Taylor is taking a break from delivering sports takes to get some sun this weekend.

On the latest episode of Speak On FS1, Taylor ripped into Ben Roethlisberger over his recent comments about Lamar Jackson not being feared as a pocket passer.

“You can’t draft a pocket passer anymore. You can’t do it. If a guy is in the draft and he is a statue in the pocket, he will drop in the draft. It will be a negative thing, correct? But if he runs and he’s elite at it, then he ‘can’t throw,’ even if the numbers say something different.”

“I just need you to explain to me why do these numbers not back up this idea,” Taylor said. “And what bothers me, particularly about Lamar Jackson, is Lamar has had to answer this since the beginning of this career. Like in college, ‘Is he a tight end? Is he a wide receiver? How’s he gonna look in the NFL?’ He looks fine. He won an MVP.”

Hours after leaving the show for the weekend, Taylor posted a bathing suit pic on Instagram that caused a bit of a stir.

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