Gary Player Can Squat 250 Pounds, Do 1,200 Crunches

In fact, health and fitness (and what he considers a sheer lack of it among many Americans) is a subject that stirs furious passion in Player, who says he does 1,200 crunches each morning and still manages to squat 250 pounds.

“Most of my friends are dead and I’m going on to 78. I’m so fit and strong. I could get a heart attack, that can happen in life. But damn it all man, I get up in the morning at six o’clock. I work on my ranch. I mix cement. This morning, I stood there with a guy, we’re doing a new land. For three hours I helped pick up rocks. Now I’m in such great shape. I climb a mountain, I swim in my pool. I walk and I exercise. I don’t ask anyone on my ranch to do anything that I wouldn’t do. You got to keep your body moving, moving, moving.”


Yeah, certain athletes (hot-rodder Courtney Force) are titillating inclusions to this yearly ESPN tradition. But you can see half-nude women anywhere. The issue should also be about people like Player, or Colin Kaepernick, who will inspire you to work out like a mad man tonight, and are testaments to what the human body can do.