PAC 12 Commissioner George Kliavkoff Is Getting Clowned On Twitter

Getty Image / Jevone Moore

The death of the PAC 12 is almost upon us. What started over a decade ago when the conference foolishly turned down Texas and Arizona has come to a head, as the league is disintegrating, with commissioner George Kliavkoff the captain of a sinking ship.

The first blow was last summer, when USC and UCLA announced they were departing the PAC 12 for the Big Ten. There were always going to be negative repercussions for losing arguably the conference’s two flagship schools.

And, that’s come to fruition this summer. Kliavkoff kept saying that a good PAC 12 medial deal would be offered to the league and signed. But, it’s clear that didn’t happen. A mediocre streaming deal was presented to the league earlier this week with the principal partner being Apple and most of the inventory being available via streaming. It simply wasn’t good enough.

Washington and Oregon are heading to the Big Ten, with only formalities left to figure out. Colorado has already accepted an invitation to the Big 12, with Arizona, Utah, and Arizona State expected to formally announce a move to the Big 12 in the next few days.

And, George Kliavkoff is taking a lot of strays on Twitter. Take a look.

Sorry, George.