Georgia Fans Are Fed Up With The Bulldogs Poor Play Once Again

Georgia Fans Are Fed Up With The Bulldogs Poor Play Once Again

Getty Image / David J Griffin

Georgia broke a long national title drought last year when they beat Alabama in the national title game. And, early on this season, they looked like they may be even better than last year when they pounded Oregon 49-3 in week one.

But, the last two weeks have not been going well. Georgia limped to a 39-22 win over Kent State last week in a game that was a one-score game in the 4th quarter. And this week is not going much better.

The Bulldogs are playing downright terribly as 29.5 point favorites against bottom-of-the-barrel Missouri and they trail 16-6 at halftime.

It’s been a pathetic showing on both sides of the ball for the Dawgs, and if Mizzou could score in the red zone it could be a blowout.

Georgia is definitely good enough to come back and win, and I think they will. But, they’re not playing at the level of other national championship contenders right now.

Everyone is wondering what is up with the Bulldogs

Dawg fans and college football fans alike did not see a second straight poor performance coming.

Three-year letterman, the best account on Twitter is a noted Georgia fan. If you follow his account, you’ll know how funny it is.

This is the gist of what most Georgia fans are thinking. They just look so bad.

It’s that kind of night so far for Georgia fans. Let’s see if they can hang on.