Fans React To Georgia QB Stetson Bennett Appearing On ‘Good Morning America’ After Partying All Night

Stetson Bennett

  • Georgia QB Stetson Bennett helped Georgia win the National Championship on Monday night
  • Bennett went on to make an early morning appearance on ‘Good Morning Ameria’ after a night of partying which led to hilarious reactions from college football fans
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Georgia QB Stetson Bennett looks like he had a good time after beating Alabama.

On Monday night, Bennett proved all his doubters wrong by leading the Georgia Bulldogs to a National Championship win against Alabama’s vaunted defense.

After the game, Bennett talked to the media about not paying attention to his critics this season, who wanted him benched in favor of JT Daniels.


“I’ve told you all along, and I think some people maybe didn’t believe me, that I really don’t hear any of that stuff, the social media and whatever, I really don’t,” “Our goal was to do what we did. We did it. Some stuff that someone said about me on the internet isn’t going to change that.”

On Tuesday, Bennett made an early morning appearance on ‘Good Morning America’, and the Georgia QB admitted to not getting very little sleep after the team’s big win.

College football fans immediately had jokes about Bennett’s appearance on GMA.