Gervonta Davis Praises Floyd Mayweather For Being In His Corner And Giving Him Advice For Fight Vs Ryan Garcia

It appears that Gervonta Davis and Floyd Mayweather are back on good terms.

Last year it appeared that Davis and Mayweather had a falling out when the 28-year-old boxer decided to part ways with Mayweather promotions and go at it on his own.

On Saturday night, fans were stunned to see Mayweather in the ring with Davis after the two hadn’t been seen publicly together since Davis left the promotion.

After Davis beat Garcia via TKO in the seventh round, Mayweather and Davis embraced in the ring.

After the fight, Davis praised Mayweather for being in his corner and giving him advice.

“I always like to listen to Floyd when it comes to the big stages like this because he’s the only one that’s been in my shoes in these type of fights… when stuff like this happens, he keeps me humble and on the right track, so I always appreciate Floyd for being in my corner and having my back, so it’ll always be love for Floyd Mayweather”

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