Giancarlo Stanton Took A Fastball To The Face, Was Rushed To The Hospital

Miami Marlins slugger and National League MVP contender Giancarlo Stanton was hospitalized and suffered multiple fractures last night after being hit in the face by a pitch. He also has facial lacerations and dental damage.

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The scary scene unfolded in Milwaukee when Stanton failed to get out of the way of an 88 mph fastball from Brewers pitcher Mike Fiers.

Stanton lay motionless on the field at home plate for several minutes as he was attended to by medical personnel. He was placed on a gurney and taken from the field on an ambulance cart. Stanton underwent X-rays and a CT scan at a local hospital, the Marlins announced before the end of their 4-2 loss to the Brewers.

“He didn’t lose consciousness out on the field, but he was bleeding heavily out of his mouth,” Redmond said before learning the extent of Stanton’s injuries.

When asked if he thought Stanton was out for the remainder of the season, Redmond said: “I don’t know. It’s not looking good, that’s for sure. It’s devastating for us. Devastating. For his season to end like that, that’s not good.”

Emotions understandably ran hot in the wake of the injury. They then boiled over after Fiers hit Reed Johnson, who came in to hit for Stanton. Even though umpires ruled both players had swung at the pitches which struck them, the Marlins stormed the field en masse.

For his part, Fiers looked far from a man trying to hit anyone.

Fiers, who came out of the game after hitting Stanton and Johnson, was extremely emotional afterward in the Brewers’ clubhouse.

“It was very tough. I’ve never in my life experienced something like that,” said Fiers. “It was very hard for me to take in everything at the moment and come back and throw another pitch. I just want to send my thoughts and prayers and everything to Giancarlo Stanton. You never think of throwing at somebody like that. Never in my life has that happened. I just feel very, very sad that I hit him. I’m sorry to their teammates, their fans, his family. It is just tough.”

The injury is a reminder of just how dangerous it is for any hitter when they step in the batter’s box. We take for granted just how pedestrian the pros make a game involving hard objects moving at great speed inches from their body look.

Here’s hoping Stanton’s injuries aren’t as severe as they initially seem, although that may be nothing more than wishful thinking.

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