Giants QB Daniel Jones Packs On 10 Pounds Of Muscle Ahead Of 2023 Season

Daniel Jones

Rich Schultz/Getty Image

New York Giants‘ quarterback Daniel Jones has reportedly packed on around 10 pounds of muscle, signaling his dedication to improvement as the 2023 NFL season approaches.

According to insights from Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, Jones’ physical gains are matched by his enhanced on-field performance.

Following the Giants’ decision to ink Jones to a substantial 4-year, $160 million contract, the quarterback has been under increased scrutiny to deliver results on the field.

Breer’s analysis suggests that Jones has embraced this challenge, making significant strides in both his physique and his gameplay.

Not only has he added muscle mass, but he has also demonstrated increased movment – qualities that bode well for his performance in the coming season.

Breer, in his observations, highlighted that Jones’ improved performance can be attributed to a newfound stability in his career.

The Giants organization believes that the consistency Jones has lacked in previous seasons has finally been established, allowing him to focus on refining his skills and raising his level of play.

This offseason’s muscle gain isn’t the first time Jones has worked on his physique.

Reports from 2020 indicated that he added nearly 10 pounds of muscle, bulking up from 220 pounds during his rookie year to approximately 230 pounds. Given this history, the possibility of his current weight standing around 240 pounds seems plausible.