Watch Retired Giants RB Brandon Jacobs Leave A Fan Hanging When He Goes In For An Awkward High Five

Before you watch this video, let me set this post up with a little backstory: Yesterday afternoon I spent my Sunday afternoon in MetLife Stadium’s Bud Light suite for the Giants-Cowboys game. Legendary Giants running back Brandon Jacobs was hanging out with two Giants super fans who were #UpForWhatever with Bud Light. Here’s how it went down: Jacobs surprised the two Bros at a grocery store that morning when they went on beer run for their Sunday Funday. Shortly after, Bud Light whisked the three Bros across NYC on a helicopter to Metlife Stadium in Jersey, where they were able to watch the game from the sidelines and suites with the two-time Super Bowl champ. Stay tuned for the professionally-shot video: It’s the stuff NFL fan dreams are made of.

In half-time of the Giants-Cowboys game (while the Baja Men were performing “Who Let The Dogs Out!”… Not even kidding), Jacobs popped into our suite with the two guys who were #UpForWhatever to hang. The three started giving a run-down of the dream day in third quarter, but — as you can see — everyone’s attention was on the game. This is Giants-Cowboys, after all, and no one loathes the Cowboys quite like Brandon Jacobs.

When Giants WR Rueben Randle made his SICK one-handed grab for a nice gain, Jacobs and the entire suite exploded. Except the Bro in the Mets Mike Piazza shirt — He was left hanging for a failed high five attempt with the Giants legend.

Note this was absolutely not intentional by Jacobs. “He was a class act all day and took pictures with every single person who asked,” one of #UpForWhatever guys told me. But it makes for a pretty funny moment to see a guy get left hanging but such a beast when going in for daps like that.

Maybe be less awkward with those celebratory high five next time, Mets Bro? That hesitation costs you.

I’m pretty sure they hugged it out over a tremendous Giants drive a couple seconds later, after my phone was off. But that whiff….

Total side note: Love Jacobs sweats game. He was rocking them with a huge Louis Vutton bag, too. Showing up to NFL games in sweats is the retirement dream right there.

Comfort über alles.

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