A Golf Swing Was So Lit, It Caused A 20-Acre Fire That Brought 140 Firefighters And 3 Helicopters

According to Orange County Fire Authority officials, a fire started by a golf swing at the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Course consumed 20 acres of territory in under two hours and required 140 firefighters and three helicopters to contain it.

Did the player swinging the golf club in question attain an NBA Jam “He’s Heating Up, He’s On Fire!” status to ignite the flame? No. Is the golfer related to the Mother of Dragons or The Human Torch? No. Reportedly, the golf club nicked a rock that sent sparks into the nearby dry brush. Then that sh*t went viral.

The investigation concluded that the fire spread so quickly not because of wind, but because of the topography in what the authorities called “slope-driven”. Anytime I hear “topograph”, all I can think about is TJ Miller describing what Wade Wilson’s face looks like in Deadpool…

Via Yahoo Sports, NBC LA

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