Golfer Grace Charis’ Latest Pics Go Viral After She Interviewed The Waste Management Streaker

Waste Management Open golf flag

Getty Image / Ben Jared

Golfer Grace Charis has been described as ‘the next Paige Spiranac‘ by many. She has already amassed millions and millions of followers across social media with nearly 1 million on Instagram and nearly 3 followers on TikTok.

Grace Charis also has a large YouTube presence with nearly half a million followers. That sizable viewership helped her land the biggest golf interview of the year: an exclusive with the infamous Waste Management Phoenix Open streaker.

Grace Charis teased her interview with the Waste Management streaker with this Valentine’s Day tweet:

Charis, one of the most-followed influencers in golf, then released her full interview with the Waste Management Open streaker:

Golfer Grace Charis’ Latest Course Outfit Pics Go Viral

After Grace Charis’ interview with the Phoenix streaker hit YouTube there was a lot of chatter. This, in turn, sent a ton of eyeballs to her latest golf course outfit pictures and videos which quickly reached viral status.

In her most recent video, golfer Grace Charis showed off Halloween colors (orange and black).

A few days prior, Charis showcased her golf swing in slow motion while wearing Fall colors:

Grace Charis’ red Valentine’s Day outfit with a huge hit with the golf world:

Charis’ white Titleist visor look was a big hit:

Comments from her follower range from “Who is playing golf with this goddess on a daily basis?” to “Who makes these shirts? My gf needs these.”

Grace’s TikToks regularly bring in view counts between 100K and into the millions. This video of golfer Grace Charis dancing with the WMO streaker was viewed 2.2 million times:

This ‘album cover’ TikTok did big numbers as well:

I’d say go give Grace Charis a follow across social media but chances are you already are.