The Second ‘Grander’ Of The Year Was Just Caught In French Polynesia, A Blue Marlin Weighing Over 1,000 Pounds

It took roughly half a year, but the second ‘grander’ (marlin weighing over 1,000 pounds) has just been caught. The 1,034-pound blue marlin was caught this past weekend (on July 2nd) in Raiatea, French Polynesia and weighed by angler Teva Fong who caught this fish in a TINY skiff, meaning this was probably the fight of a lifetime.

Once to the scale this dinosaur of a fish weighed in at 1,034-pounds. This absolute freight train of a blue marlin is larger than a Volkswagen Bug. It was caught using 130-pound tackle, and the fish attacked a Vaimoana Lure 918, a lure made by local manufacturer Nelson Laudes.

There aren’t too many photos of this 1,034-pound grander blue marlin yet, just one of it on a trailer, and another of the fish being loaded on the trailer, but here are those photos (via GranderWatch):

And here’s that angler, Teva Fong, with the Vaimoana Lure 918 that landed the second grander blue marlin caught in 2016:

Last year was a banner year for grander blue marlin, and in hindsight I’m thinking that the impending record setting El Niño had something to do with that. By this time last year there had been a 4 granders caught already, and 2015 close with 37 blue marlin caught worldwide weighing over 1,000-pounds.

As we get into the thick of Summer and head into Fall/Winter we’ll begin seeing many more granders caught worldwide, and as I mentioned above this was the second grander of the year. The first grander of 2016 was caught by Capt. Randy Hodgekiss fishing aboard the Dreamin’ On in Cape Verdes, and that fish weighed in at 1,290 lbs.

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(h/t GranderWatch)