The World’s Greatest Basketball Impressionist Is At It Again

by 4 years ago


Over the past couple of weeks, a former D-League hoops player named Brandon Armstrong has ripped up the Internet thanks to his hilarious impressions of some of the NBA’s biggest stars.

From Russell Westbrook to James Harden, Armstrong has shown that his acting skills might actually be a little bit better than his basketball ones, receiving ridiculous amounts of recognition for his videos on Twitter and Instagram.

The guy’s latest one comes at the mercy of Kobe Bryant, who, as anyone who watches the NBA knows, isn’t shy about hoisting shots whenever the hell he wants to, no matter how many guys on himβ€”and Armstrong is quick to point this out.

Whether surrounded by four opposing players or chewing his jersey with such intensity that it makes him look like he’s going to need a tooth replacement, Brandon Armstrong captures some of the classic Kobe moves.


With love coming from the players themselves, I can’t help but think that there’s a LeBron James one coming up very, very soonβ€”and, who knows, maybe a roster spot on an NBA team for Armstrong, too.

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