Green Bay Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur May Have Just Stirred Up Some Drama With The Minnesota Vikings


Getty Image / Patrick McDermott

There are plenty of great storylines in the NFL for this year’s opening week. The Cincinnati Bengals get a big rivalry matchup in their first game as defending AFC Champs. Baker Mayfield gets a revenge game against the Browns. Russell Wilson returns to Seattle in his first game since being traded to the Broncos.

With all of that going on heading into this weekend, it’s easy to overlook a key matchup between NFC North rivals.

However, Sunday’s matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings may have just gotten another reason to be on the radar of football fans around the nation. The head coach of the Packers, Matt LaFleur, might have created a little bit of extra drama ahead of this matchup.

Today, while discussing the matchup with the Vikings, LaFleur referred to the Vikings’ Skol horn as that “annoying horn”.

Matt LaFleur calls Minnesota Vikings’ Skol horn that “annoying horn”

While many will agree with LaFleur’s assessment of this horn, it’s a statement that could get the Vikings’ fans a bit more fired up than usual for this matchup.

It’s a matchup that has plenty of interesting storylines even without LaFleur’s horn issue. The Vikings are playing their first game with a new coach and a new offensive philosophy that should see Kirk Cousins throwing the ball more.

Meanwhile, the Packers have some major questions to answer in their passing game. The team has suffered a major downgrade at wide receiver and doesn’t have a clear alpha receiver for Aaron Rodgers to throw to right now.

The Packers will need to get that issue figured out quickly if they want to avoid letting the Vikings get a little bit of payback for this comment.

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