Greg Norman Appears To Be Doing His Best Supervillain Impersonation With His Latest LIV Golf Move

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  • Greg Norman is the public face of the new Saudi-backed LIV Golf Series
  • Norman has received a lot of blow back for his involvement from golf fans and journalists alike
  • On Thursday, Norman watched on as golf journalist Alan Shipnuck was removed from a press conference
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It’s been a busy week for two time British Open champion Greg Norman.

From calling Jack Nicklaus a hypocrite, to overseeing the launch of first ever LIV Golf Series event, Norman has been all over the place. The Australian golf legend has received a lot of public criticism for his involvement in the new Saudi-backed golf league.

Some of his most famous incidents include calling the murder and following dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi a “mistake.” Or who could forget when forget when he called golf superstar Rory McIlroy “brainwashed” for opposing the upstart league?

Norman’s latest most, however, is straight out of the cartoon supervillain playbook.

Golf writer Alan Shipnuck was forcibly removed from a LIV Golf press conference with new league poster boy Phil Mickelson on Thursday afternoon.

Shipnuck, who was less than pleased, tried to track down Norman to have a conversation about the altercation. Norman replied by saying that he was not aware that situation had taken place and thanked Shipnuck for alerting him.

The lie detector determined that that was a lie. Or, at least, photo evidence did.

The photo in question seems to show that Norman was aware of the situation. The look on his face also seemed pretty pleased with how the situation played out.

Now that is some next level Lex Luthor-type supervillainy.