Gregg Popovich Says He and Drake Are ‘Tight’ Because EVERYONE Is Down With Pop

In the latest chapter of Gregg Popovich is the greatest of all time, the legendary Spurs coach hilariously told reporters “Drake and I are tight,” in response to the rapper coaching in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game.

If that wasn’t enough, Pop also refused to say what his favorite Drake song was because, just like anything else when it comes to Gregg Popovich, that’s simply none of our fucking business. But he did say that “Hotline Bling,” a song that was spoofed by Donald Trump on SNL, is NOT one of his favorites.

Yeah, Pop ain’t down with the Donald.

We need at least two NBA All-Star breaks a season. Or just more breaks in general. Because laid back Pop is the best. I mean, just LOOK at that smile!

Although angry, tight-lipped, nice-fucking-question Pop is equally glorious.

[H/T Bleacher Report]