Gronkasaurus Would Be Your Favorite WWE Superstar And You Know It

by 3 years ago


With WWE’s SummerSlam going on this weekend, there’s a ton of buzz in the air about which superstars will leave the ring holding their respective matches belts over their shoulders.

The main event might be John Cena and Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship, but I have a good feeling that an unknown competitor named Gronkasaurus would have a fighter’s chance against either one of those dudes if he ever stepped foot onto the canvas.

It’s too bad Gronkasaurus is just New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, doing his best WWE Superstar impression for the sports drink BODYARMOR—channeling every fucking stereotype of an old school wrestler.

Cheesy tassels around the arms? Check. Face paint? Yep. Chair as a prop? You bet. Awful nickname? Obviously. Keep selling shit, Gronk, it’s too good.

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