You’ll Never Guess What Gronk’s Amazing Laser Tag Nickname And Email Was In High School, Actually Yes You Will

by 5 years ago


Some say that Rob Gronkowski is an immature man-boy, and while that might have some validity to it, that doesn’t mean that it’s not funny. This blast from Gronk’s past gives us some insight of how hilariously immature he must have been when he was in high school. Some dude from a laser tag arena in Buffalo, New York discovered this piece of Gronkowski’s youth and it’s tremendous!

His laser tag name was “SIXTY NINER.” Don’t act like you weren’t giggling your ass off at sixty-nine jokes back when you were 14-years-old. Fuck, I’m laughing at Gronk’s sixty-nine joke right now. Then his alleged email is “, which is probably the greatest email address ever created. And it appears that Rob was quite the prognosticator because he seems to still be a chick magnet.

I wonder if Gronk tried to get “,” but it wasn’t available. Or does he not know that “chick” is not spelled “chic?” Let’s email him and find out.


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