A Soccer Fan Predicted The Euro 2020 Finals 8 Years Ago On Twitter And People Lost Their Minds Over It

Guy predicted Euro 2020 Finals result Italy beats England shootout

Getty Image / Ryan Pierse - UEFA/UEFA

  • Italy defeated England in the 2020 Euro Finals in a shootout after the teams were tied 1-1 after regulation and extra time had expired
  • A Twitter user who can apparently see the future accurately predicted the 2020 Euro Finals back in 2013 and people lost their minds over the resurfaced tweet
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There’s nothing I can say about the 2020 Euro Finals that hasn’t already been said. Football did not come home. England’s drought continues. The rich got richer as Italy hoisted yet another international trophy.

I was pulling for England primarily because I’m a Tottenham supporter and I wanted to see Harry Kane lift some hardware. He converted his kick in the shootout. So he at least won’t be haunted by that thought at night. But England fell short and people hit social media with thousands of ‘Football’s coming (to) Rome’ jokes.

Then this old tweet surfaced that accurately predicted England losing to Italy in the 2020 Euros after a shootout. Can this person see the future???

After this person accurately predicted the 2020 Euro Finals it seemed like the trendy tweet to send was asking them to predict something else. One person asked if they’d ever get lucky. Another asked who was going to win the next World Cup. And on and on.

A Fair point here about the edit button:


This tweet’s just mean. Fans like this rubbing salt in the wounds after a brutal loss are the worst. Win with class and let the losing team at least be sad about it on their own for a while before you start with the trash talk.

The 2022 World Cup begins in November 2022. England’s squad will look similar to this Euro 2020 squad, just as England’s will. All signs point to Belgium being the favorites next year just as they were for the Euros. That will be England’s next opportunity to end their trophy drought.